Kissed by a Demon by Hallie Goodway

Kissed by a Demon by Hallie Goodway

**I received this book from Hidden Gems in exchange for an honest review.**

Kissed by a Demon

First off, if you love to read and like to give your own feedback on the books your read, I highly recommend checking out Hidden Gems.  They provide a wide variety of ARCS and they’re all super nice and helpful.

Anywho, this book!  I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect with this one.  I do love a good paranormal book but I usually read more about strictly vampires.  Demons?  Why not?

This book was quite a surprise.  It revolves around Sam who has basically been held hostage at her house with her dad her entire life.  She has been told that she will die if she leaves the house so she pretty much as had her dad and 1 close friend her whole life.  One night a demon shows up and says she has to come with him and marry this creepy king who put a curse on her through her mom.

It was kind of confusing at first but the writing was excellent and it drew me in right away.  There were twists and a love story without shoving it in your face.  The love relationship did seem a bit odd and almost forced at times but it was written in a way that it made sense in the end.

Like all my reviews, I’m trying not to give too much away while still giving a recap of the story.  It’s hard with this because there were a lot of twists and the little that I can say doesn’t do the story justice.

The writing was great and the characters were well developed.  I thoroughly enjoyed the story and hope I have the chance to read the next one.


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